New lighting solutions

New lighting solutions for the retail and restaurant sectors, offices and cultural buildings

Given its high lighting performance and extended life, the expansion of the range of 640 and 630 DOT spotlights with LED technology is especially aimed at the retail and restaurant sectors.

As for Downlight 735, the luminaires are designed to achieve visual comfort in offices. They are also suitable for shopping centres and airports, among other spaces that would benefit from the advantages of LED and the elegance of the Simon design.

Simon expands its indoor LED luminaires with the new 640 and 630 DOT spotlights and Downlight 735 with LED technology. The innovation provided by this technology makes it possible to achieve: cost savings in the maintenance and replacement of light sources, thanks to the extended life of the luminaires; lighting quality that does not change over time, as it is not affected by vibration or rotation of the luminaire; and excellent lighting performance and quality.