Brighting lighting to your projects, Simon Electric enters the battleground grandly

Simon business proclaimed that commercial lighting business would be introduced into Chinese market in July, the launching event is grandly hold in Haian, Jiangsu Province, China. As the latest action in 2017, lighting project is a key point strategy of Simon Electric, which is inheriting and breaking through in the hundred years’ developing, as well as a huge push and force of future Simon China projects. That launching event is named as”D-day”, a live military uniform show and as the opening performance, indicating Simon commercial lighting business is all-round landed in Chinese market. 

Mr Esteban B retcha , Simon business Chinese and India district business director paid much attention.He participated all the event and delivered an important speech which fully confirmed the excellent achievement of Simon China in the first half year , praised the marketing strategy under the tough situations , strengthened the important role of commercial lighting in future development of Simon again. He said in the near future, Simon Electric will strengthen market leadership for more and more innovative production with good design, which including the two core business-- switches and lighting, and the most importance thing is new Scena system related with lighting control business and forthcoming smart control home system. He also expected the latest products portfolio of Simon China will bring change, and create the more value and surprise to the group. 

For the launching event of commercial lighting business, Simon china also does very well in preparing new the production line ,sales strategies, channel contracture etc. Mr. Gonzalo Batista Guerrero , Simon electric (china) Assistant to general manger and commercial  lighting  director , recommended  the commercial lighting project firstly.  He said that simon business has big advantages in commercial lighting field right now, especially two big system of Scena and RCU will be introduced  into Chinese market , which is based on Simon feeling confidence of Chinese market and trusting in own products. Different from the traditional control system of building, Scena system focus on the lighting control and creation of environment effect. It is introduced into china market to bring total solution of switch, RCU,commercial lighting and lighting control system . Simon china has prepared already and believe it will bring the more comfortable experiences in use, and bring more projects and opportunities.

Commercial lighting is one of main business of Simon electric. Simon lighting began in 1922, has had professional production history in hundred years until now. Taking full advantages of research and inspection technology, Simon business sets two the professional studio in Spanish and China, builds up a professional team on optical design. Structure design. Heat-sink design, with hundred inspection instrument of optical instrument, thermal test instrument etc. Simon continue to the high quality lighting products with personalization, humanization, strong stability and quality. 

Simon Electric has had built up five big lighting production center in the world, respectively located in Barcelona of Spanish, Chian haian, Chian zhongshan, brazil, Mexico. The Products covered 30 series, 2000 SKU,  including 33 outer patent, 32 practical newly patent and 3 invention patent,  satisfied the diversified and professional demand of market and customers with the continuous professional and creative spirit. 

As well, the lighting project of Simon Electric have spread all the countries and districts of Europe, Asia, America, such as: Yangzhou west lake village hotel, Hangzhou Marriott hotel, Wuhan Howard Johnson hotel, Madrid auditorium Marriott hotel. Catalonian Occidente office. Wuhan airport. Nuestra Senora DE Cordoba church .MARAZZI showroom etc., Simon brings the professional lighting solution and good service, and received consistent affirmation and praise.

With the explosion of this launch event, Simon Electric lighting business will quickly and all-aroud  grow up in Chinese market. Simon business will have more opportunities to earn the projects, create more value for society and industry , provide more perfect service experiences for the customers.

New hundred years, New start.  Brighting lighting to your projects, Simon Electric enters the battleground grandly


1. D-day: Battle of Normandy landings , the biggest marine landing battle in 20 century

2. RCU is guestroom control system, which can intelligently control the air-conditioning, lighting. Electric Appliance,curtains, electric lock , security systems with software.