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LEDs transformed into light fittings

For optimum LED performance and to ensure full luminaire life, the luminaire needs to be designed as a whole. To do this, Simon applies the most advanced materials and technologies on the market, from the LED chip itself to the luminaire material.

Optical group

Using the most technological optics on the market, made from technical polymers, designed for maximum efficiency and light transmission to give performance of over 90%.

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Lighting group

LED fidelity is ensured through an exhaustive selection process, giving minimum dispersion of colour temperature and light output to create uniform lighting.

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Heat is dissipated uniformly from the body of the LED towards the bottom face of the PCB through thermal paths to thermal grease, so leading the heat to the heat sink.

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Heat management

All heat sinks are designed specifically for each luminaire, depending on the number of LEDs.

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Power supply

Power supplies optimised for each product ensure an average service life equal to the LED’s and compliance with EMC and electrical safety regulations.