At the forefront of technical lighting

LED technology

LEDs not only provide unique advantages over other light sources, but provide light quality which is equivalent to traditional light sources. It is currently possible to can get high CRI, a wide range of colour temperatures.

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1.Extended life

Dramatic reduction in maintenance costs due to replacement of light sources.

LED technology is characterised as a light source with a service life that far outstrips that of light sources used in traditional lighting systems, maintaining their lighting properties from the first day.

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2. Lighting which doesn it changes over time

Lighting quality, intensity and colour rendering endure over time.

The chromaticity and light levels from LEDs do not change over time or due to vibration or rotation of the luminaire.

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3. High lighting performance

High quality light for faithful reproduction of colours and maximum efficiency.

The state-of-the-art LEDs have superior lighting performance to conventional lamps and a CRI equivalent to halogen lamps.

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4. Minimum amount of heat

Reducing energy consumption for air conditioning. More comfortable environment for personal comfort.

LEDs convert a high percentage of electrical energy into visible light, with minimal heat emission, which is transmitted in the opposite direction to the light and does not reach the space occupied by the users.

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5. Dynamics and control

Promoting the design and appeal of spaces with the appropriate chromaticity (choice of white, RGB, intensity, etc.).

The LEDs feature the ability to select the most suitable colour temperature (2800 to 5000K) for the designed setting by regulating RGB colour, as well as providing full adjustment of intensity.

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6. No emission of IR or UV radiation

Products illuminated are not damaged by UV and IR radiation, hence LEDs can be used in all types of environments, including those involving highly sensitive objects.

LEDs are free from IR or UV radiation, as the all the energy transmitted is in the form of visible radiation.